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I (Jen) and my husband (Stephen) have a very charmed life. Our son (David) is such a blessing to us! We love spending time with our friends and family and each other!


Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

David Summitt Strosnider - 20 weeks 3 days
He bounced around so much it was hard to get a good "money shot." I personally don't really see it that well, but the doctor said she was 98% positive it was a boy! Guess we can go ahead and pain the nursery blue! The doctor said the placenta was in a good place and that the cord had lots of coils (which is a good thing apparently). His lips/nose/organs that she checked also loooked good. Very thankful to have a healthy report!

15 cm long, 5 cm wide, 14 oz - due date July 1st (we're still saying/hoping Fourth of July)

Finding out that we’re having a BOY has been the highlight of my week/month/etc! I just love being able to refer to him as a “him” and know that I’m talking about my David! It makes me feel even more connected to him and more in love with this little guy that I haven’t even met yet! I know I’m a real girly-girl, and I really do hope I have a daughter one day, but I also love little boys! They’re so much fun and come with their own set of cuteness! I’ve started reading James Dobson’s book “Bringing Up Boys,” which will hopefully give me some good insight. I also just finished reading “Slacker Mom,” which was a fun, short read with a really good parenting philosophy and it’s a lot closer to mine than some of the other books I’ve read. I know there will be a lot of challenges about parenting, but I’m more excited than scared. I figure it will be somewhat like marriage – in many ways harder than you would expect, but considering that I’ve got a really wonderful marriage!

On a little down side… I’ve got a nasty cold. I think I caught it from my cute little cousins (I think I get sick ever time we go see them) I guess I’ve got to get used to snotty little noses! Bring it on!