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I (Jen) and my husband (Stephen) have a very charmed life. Our son (David) is such a blessing to us! We love spending time with our friends and family and each other!


Sometimes I can’t remember what it felt like NOT to be pregnant…. I feel like this little guy has completely taken over my body and mind. I really do enjoy being pregnant, but I sort of miss a lot of things:
- taking deep breaths
- not having to pee in the middle of the night
- fitting in clothes
- painting my toes
- not having a constant bloody nose
- being comfortable when sleeping
- I think this list could go on and on….

But there are a lot of great things about being pregnant too….I really love it when strangers ask when I’m due or if it’s a boy or a girl.

Other pregnancy news/changes
- I’ve had to go up a bra size
- I’ve been getting a lot of braxton hicks, they are weeeeeird
- He especially likes to kick me on my right side, like way way over towards my back and it kind of hurts
- I’ve started his baby book/photo album… it’s so cute
- I get leg cramps, especially at night :(
- At my last appointment my midwife said my glucose was great but my iron is a little low, weight gain is perfect, size of uterus is right on track, his heart rate is steady, everything looks good.

I do wish I was feeling a little less lazy. My to-do list seems ever growing, but it’s nice if I can at least fold a load of laundry.
There are curtains to be made, scrap books to be finished, letters to be written, piles of stuff to organize, pictures to hang…. Oh yeah, and I’d like to maybe finish his nursery!
But we can’t even start until the cats are out because their litter box is in the front bed room. Once they’re outdoor cats we can move everything up fort and start painting. We’ve been having a hard time getting them outside because the weather has been so dreadful. Hopefully it will start to get nicer and we can kick them out! Yea! I really can’t wait until they’re out. I love them but they’re driving me crazy.

I can’t wait for the weather to start to get warmer! Life is so good!