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I (Jen) and my husband (Stephen) have a very charmed life. Our son (David) is such a blessing to us! We love spending time with our friends and family and each other!


Mommy Favorites #16-#18

“There is no finer investment for any community than putting milk into babies.” Winston Churchill

Here here!!!!

Gotta keep those babies fed! I’m so glad I stuck with breast feeding because it’s been a really wonderful experience for both of us. Here are three Mommy Favorites which helped me out a lot.

16. Nursing cover
A.) I got my first nursing cover at Wal-Mart, it looked very similar to this. It’s ok. I wish it was longer and I wish it had a way to see my baby better! It certainly worked well enough though, I’m so glad I got one. It made breast feeding in public a lot more comfortable for me and I didn’t feel so tired down and shut off from the world.

B.) The Hooter Hider
I’d like to get this brand for my second baby! My friend let me borrow hers once and I liked it a lot better. I mainly want one that's long enough/covers well, is easy to adjust, easy to see the baby and doesn't get too hot. There seem like there are a lot like these out there though. Anyone have a preference to a particular brand? Etsy has lot of cute ones!

17. Dimmer switch
Stephen installed these in our bed room and the nursery. I LOVE THEM! We don’t have a night light in David’s room at all, but if I do need to check on him I can turn the lights on low without waking him. I also like to turn down the lights as part of our wind down bedtime routine when I cuddle him for a minute before bed. But I really appreciated it the most David was a newborn and nighttimes included many feedings and diaper changes. I could have the lights on low so they wouldn’t wake Stephen up, but I had as much light as I needed. Added plus, David finds the remote a really great toy – I have snagged a few extra minutes of sleep in the AM while he plays with it.

18. Nursing Pads
A.) Johnson & Johnson’s
my favorite. Cheaper than the Medela ones… I also tried Gerber ultra thin nursing pads but didn’t care for them, they were flat and you had to shape them so they ended up feeling lumpy and itchy (so did the Medela ones.) I also thought the J&J ones had the best absorption (ug. I leaked a lot, especially in the beginning)
B.) I liked my washable nursing pads (I forget what brand I got) but I pretty much only wore them at night because they didn’t absorb as well and didn’t wick away the moisture.

Question – Lilypadz – anyone tried them? They look really neat. I was worried that they might cause Mastitis, but the FAQ page claims that it doesn’t… what do yall think?

THIS was on that show "What Would You Do?" I must admit it got me riled up a bit...I might not whip it out just anywhere, but that's my thing... I think a woman should be able to discretely feed her baby when ever/where ever. Thoughts?

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  1. I saw that episode you are talking about. I didn't even really nurse my kids for very long but I am ALL FOR women being able to nurse wherever they want. *I also am for being discreet...just because it does tend to make people uncomfortable and some women are not very discreet about it and seem to be flaunting it.* But breastmilk is healthy, and God-given food for babies. I feel like it's no different than me giving Tirzah a bottle in public. When a baby needs to eat, they need to eat, and I think Mommy shouldn't have to be at home to feed them. It's hard to get things done if you have to be home every 3 hours. Those cover-ups are awesome...I think if I had one of those my life might have been less lonely while nursing. :)