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I (Jen) and my husband (Stephen) have a very charmed life. Our son (David) is such a blessing to us! We love spending time with our friends and family and each other!


Baby Signs

I have been trying to teach my son some baby signs – more, milk, juice, help, please, sleep. Before I refill his tray with Puffs I sign and say, “more please mommy.” My darling son has invented his own sign, which he has been teaching me, called “more NOW mommy!” This sign is basically banging hard on his tray. Then when I sign and say “more please” he just grins and bangs again (which is David sign for “I said NOW, and aren’t I cute?!”) Then when I help him put his hands together to make the sign and repeat, “more please mommy,” he grins even bigger. I’m sure he’s thinking, “Mommy’s so cute, but very slow at learning my sign language, I will just have to keep it up. Puffs. More. Mmmmm.”

Sooooo, I’m not sure who is going to give up first and learn the other person’s sign. All’s well that ends well – my boy is stuffed with puffs.


  1. So cute! I know alot of people who use signs with their babies and say it is great for them. :) Tirzah is just now starting to eat finger foods...she's a drama queen and likes to pretend they gag her. ;)

  2. He is so cute! Don't give in, Henny!! :)
    We used signs when I was in the infant room and they all we're doing the basics by 9-11 months with no problem. We still use them with our 1 year old class and it's very helpful AND babies are so darn cute doing it! I also love how they do the "all done" sign.
    One baby in the infant room isn't a huge food fan so he does "all done" after one bite. It's SO funny cuz he knows what it means and his teacher just holds his hands and says, "no, MORE" hehe