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I (Jen) and my husband (Stephen) have a very charmed life. Our son (David) is such a blessing to us! We love spending time with our friends and family and each other!


Three's A Crowd

The other day I baby sat for a friend… Her two kids, Brayden and Sophie, are adorable and David and I had a lot of fun with them…

I admit I was a *little* worried about watching three kids – especially two babies – at once. But hey, I figure that’ll be me soon enough. (Although my family planning doesn’t include having a six month old and an eight month old at the same time.) I see moms in Wal-Mart, kid in the cart, kid in a backpack and kid walking beside, and I cringe a bit. I *know* this is what I want in my heart, a house full of kiddos, but I’m also a tiny bit nervous at the thought.

The kids were great though, we played on the floor, Brayden gave us a puppet show, we ate lunch and then the babies took naps. (Put Sophie to sleep, fed & changed David, put him to sleep, fed & changed Sophie when she woke up and David was still sleeping, so I only had to juggle a little bit.) Wasn’t so bad after all. Of course that was only four hours, so we’ll see how I can do it once I have three of my own 24/7 – it will be an adventure!


  1. Glad to see a blog post from my best pal! I can imagine three of that age would definitely be hard if they decided to make it that way. haha. Glad it worked out ok for you! Love!

  2. Sounds like a fun day! Can't wait til I have a house full of babies! I'm calling you today :) LOVE