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I (Jen) and my husband (Stephen) have a very charmed life. Our son (David) is such a blessing to us! We love spending time with our friends and family and each other!


Faves: #11 & #12

For today, just two random favorites….

11. Car Mirror
But not just any mirror! This one plays music that you can turn on with a remote. Now firs t let me say, I think this is ridiculous. I’m one that thinks kids these days are over stimulated, and WHY does everything need batteries??? And it irks me that you have to use a screwdriver to replace any batteries (I mean, I understand why, safety and all that rubbish). BUT the mirror we had originally registered for didn’t work in our car (we didn’t have any headrests in the back seat for them to attach to) so I FINALLY found one that worked and it happened to be this one…the dinky music is soooo annoying, but David loved it. if he was fussy and crying in the car, as soon as I’d turn that thing on he’d quiet down and most of the time just go to sleep (how he found that peaceful I have no idea.) I went so far as to record the dinky music on my cell phone and play it for him when he was super fussy and it would calm him down. So weird, but as any desperate mommy trapped in the car with a screaming kid: YOU DO WHAT WORKS!
I DO love being able to check on him in the mirror. Plus also, he’s waaaaay cute. I do have to be careful about not just staring at him every two minutes. Oprah wants us to sign her No-Phone-Zone so we don’t talk on the phone and drive – I’d say a cute (or screaming) baby in the back seat is Waayhaaay more distracting than chatting on a cell phone!!!

12. Umbrella stroller
This was another thing I sort of scoffed at us “needing.” We already have a great (though honkin big) stroller that came with our infant car seat. But we got an umbrella stroller when we were going to DC to sight see (D was getting too big for me to carry him all day in the Bjorn/Sling). It was great because it folded up easily to go on the crowded subway.
Things I love about our umbrella stroller:
A.) it has a place for your drink/wallet up by the handlebars.
B.) very light weight, easy for me to carry (even with one hand, do ya hear me other mothers?)
C. )it can recline slightly (David took some naps while we were in museums)
D.) a little shade which helped keep the rain off while we were there, also good for tucking scarves/jackets behind when pulled back.
E.) a basket underneath for keeping miscellaneous baby junk.
F. ) an optional tray you could attach (or not) that had a place for a sippy cup.
I will say one down side is that it’s not the best for Stephen to use since the one we have is sort of short, it’s more comfortable for me to push.


  1. We have an umbrella stroller and love it for those same reasons. I am with Stephen, however, it is not made for long-legged users. I haven't tried much besides pacifiers for the little car-screamers...maybe I should upgrade. ;)

  2. I knew they had these out there so I looked it up for you. Check it out:

  3. oh that's awesome jayz! i think they have EVERYTHING you can think of for babies/mommies now...

  4. Ok so funny because Izaak had the exact same car mirror when he was in his baby seat and the music did the SAME thing for him. He could be screaming and as soon as we'd turn that music on he was quiet. It was really bad when the batteries ran out. Haha. As for the umbrella stroller, I LOVE that one!! They don't sell ones like that here. I didn't realize they made them with baskets underneath and cup holders! I may have to look for one when I'm in the states. Although in a few months I'll need a double stroller. YIKES! Talk about bulky!!