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I (Jen) and my husband (Stephen) have a very charmed life. Our son (David) is such a blessing to us! We love spending time with our friends and family and each other!


Mommy Favorites #4-#7

A few more of my favorite inventions….

4. Bumpkins pocket bib
I was tired to going to restaurants and feeling embarrassed when we left, feeling like I should have vacuumed, with all the Cheerios and puffs David left on the ground. So I picked up one of those pocket bibs (this is weird, but that is one of my freakishly early memories, wearing a pocking bib). I really like the Bumpkin brand – it’s softer than some of the other ones I’ve seen so it’s easier for the baby to self feed (not stuck behind a huge, stiff plastic bib!). It’s also very easy to rinse off. I heard from a friend who uses cloth diapers that they’ve been experimenting with the different types of plastic covers and Bumpkin ones seem to work the best.

5. Mum-Mums
These were one of the first foods I gave to David. They dissolve easily (without making a huge mess like the Gerber Biter Biscuits) and come in rice and vegetable flavors. They come in a box, packaged in twos – so you can throw a pack in the diaper bag…and you don’t have to worry about them getting hard and stale over time. My mom gave these to my little sister, and they really enjoyed them too. I also loved how they would entertain David so I could clean the kitchen or fix dinner!!!

6. Baby food in a squeeze container
My friend Stacy introduced me to these. We were invited out to eat on a Sunday and Stephen had to drive home first to pick up baby food and spoon. Now I keep one of these in the diaper bag and in a pinch we have food on hand (and it doesn’t even need a spoon!)

7. Munchkins Snack Catchers
These are awesome for self feeding! At church we’d have to hand him one puff/Cheerio at a time so as not to make a huge mess. This allows a child to get one or two out and they also won’t spill the whole container.

On a side note… I’ve been letting David play with a spoon while I feed him. He loves it, and I figure it’s always good to start practicing. I’ve been putting Cheerios in the spoon now and then and he puts it in his mouth, and it’s not terribly messy!

What has saves your sanity when it comes to eating time with a baby??


  1. #1 The bib wouldn't make a bit of difference for my child because he would just throw things on the floor anyway. LOL. #2 I personally found those mum mums to be terribly messy and quickly changed to puffs. Just me though. I think because I would give them to him in his excersaucer (sp?)and he would get it all over that thing and it would harden and it was almost impossible to remove. Bleck! #3 You have got to be kidding me! Squeezable baby food?!? Wow you Americans are spoiled! HAHA! #4 ABSOLUTELY LOVE the snack bowls!! My mom brought some over for Izaak and it keeps him occupied for long periods of time like the car, doctors appts, when I need a break, etc. One of my faves! I tell you one thing that I haven't had since I had Izaak but cannot WAIT to have that will help us out tremendously when it comes to him eating is....drum roll...A TABLE!! A table we can actually all sit down together at and have his high chair at instead of feeding him off our plates while sitting on the couch or at the computer. ;)

  2. Yeah, *knock on wood* I’m thankful that David doesn’t throw food on purpose(yet?), I think it’s because he loooooves eating it way too much! Haha. He’ll even take the fallen puffs out of the pocket of the bib to eat those too…. You are right about the Mum-Mums, once they harden it’s like cement! But again, David eats them all and we don’t really get crumbs that often! My child is so Strosnider… he pretty much licks his tray clean…

  3. We LOVE mum mums! Both of our kids have eaten them. :) Those biter biscuits are awfully messy, just like you said. I gave one to Tirzah yesterday and remember why I stopped using them for Merrick. Ugh. I'll have to try those kids are SO messy. Your little man sounds like a gentleman, however. haha. :) I have asked for a broom before at restaurants they've made such a mess...:)

  4. Well now that I think about it, he doesn't throw his food. If it's something he doesn't want like cheerios, he will sweep them in the floor with his hands. But if it's gold fish or another cracker that he likes, he will definitely pig it down. I've never seen a child that likes food so much. I seriously think if I didn't limit his food intake, he would be like 40 lbs! And he really did like the mum mum crackers when he was little but they were just too messy for me.