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Robin Hood

#1. Robin Hood

Russell Crowe

Kevin Costner

 Cary Elwes (of Princess Bride fame)

Brian Bedford (voice)
 yeah, not what I pictured in my mind either.

Errol Flynn
(also pretty great in Captain Blood)

Of all these Manly Men, which one is your favorite Robin Hood and why?
Personally, not sure about Russell, but all of these are great... Still, I think Eroll Flynn's my fav, I'm just Old School like that. (erh, now that I think about it, maybe more Homeschooled.....whatev)

EDIT: errrrrrr, I'm gonna have to take that back. A little grossed out: Errol Flynn's Pretty Baby

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  1. Yes, I do like Russel Crowe myself...but I love the cartoon Robin Hood, too. Me and the sibs always quote that one to each other. haha. :)