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Procreation of Dust Bunnies

Warning: This post contains images of a graphic nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

FIRST OF ALL….I must say that I vacuum every week! AND we take off our shoes at the door. AND right before David was born we steam cleaned the carpets and couches (I won’t go into how disgusting that was.) WE ARE CLEAN PEOPLE, people! That's just how I do.

Yesterday’s post was written after only seeing my vacuum for the first time. Last night I used it…

This is what was picked up from vacuuming ONLY my bedroom (which is tiny and most of the carpet is covered with furniture.) I was so grossed out I had to take a picture.

It is both horrifying and exciting.

It makes me wonder about the carpet of people who don’t clean as often as I do.

It makes me love my vacuum cleaner even more.

It makes me want to vacuum the rest of the carpets and floors today. And the baseboards and the chair rails and the couches. And the tapestries and the draperies (I always think of that Cinderella quote when I’m listing in my head what I need to clean.)

ALSO, it’s lightweight, quiet, pushes easily, the cord is really long, the filters are lifetime (you just have to rinse them out occasionally) and it’s a really pretty purple.

LOVE. IT. and that is all.


  1. Hey Jen,

    What kind of vacuum is it? Mine is about toast and I'd love to get one that was lightweight and a SUPER cleaner. Although I hate vacuuming. Can you come over?

  2. What kind of vacuum do you have? I need a new one, bad. A wheel fell off ours and now I can hardly push it. haha. :)

  3. Ooooh, vacuums! I'm getting a new one before the baby gets here, because quite literally, my vacuum was born before my husband. I'm not kidding. So this Shark things intrigues me...was it as expensive as a Dyson, because it SOUNDS like the features the Dyson has! Nice!